Male Chest Reduction, JG,Surrey

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From the consultation to the six week post op review the delivery of service was outstanding. The entire team were friendly and professional. Dr Gupta was confident and supportive through…

Liposuction For Male Chest, Flanks & Abdomen, PL,London

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I am a 36 year old who had chest reduction, and lipo on my love handles and stomach. I am not overweight; the fat on my body is positioned weird…

Liposuction For Male Flanks & Abdomen, RL,Bucks

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This year I decided to deal head-on with an issue that has blighted my life since I was 22. I am now fifty, so I haven’t exactly rushed into it….

Male Chest Reduction, SD,Midlands

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Before the procedure if there was any doubts either about Dr Gupta or the procedure that I was to have then this was very soon elevated after speaking to Dr…